Be enchanted by the Kylemore House Experience

Kylemore House is a significant part of the enchanting history of Connemara. Located just footsteps away from Kylemore Abbey, this house has a colorful history embedded in its walls. Kylemore House is located on its 20 acre woodland site, with full access to Kylemore Lake which is famous for its serenity and and fly fishing. Kylemore House recently underwent major renovations of the public spaces and guest rooms which are now designed as boutique suite style self-catering accommodation.


The House as it stands today was built in 1795, while retaining a wing of guest rooms originally built in 1852, Guests can experience and enjoy the unique peace and tranquillity that kylemore valley if Connemara has to offer.

Located in the heart of connemara

Why it is so special here……..

 Kylemore House and the surrounding Lake Kylemore are considered some of the most outstanding scenic areas in Ireland for a variety of reasons. From its impressive history and rich culture to its breathtaking natural beauty, there’s something to be enjoyed by everyone. the natural beauty of Lake Kylemore area that won me over every time I visited! The lake itself can be found beneath two mountains known as Diamond Hill and Mweelrea Mountain (the highest mountain range in County Mayo). There are plenty of walking trails around these hills leading you down into picturesque valleys filled with ancient stone walls from long ago–a truly magical experience! Additionally, one cannot forget about Connemara National Park just nearby where wild horses roam freely amongst lush green grasslands; making it another must-see spot within this region if you’re looking for unforgettable views along your journey here!

To add on top of all this scenic splendor, there’s also plenty of activities that visitors can partake in such as fishing trips or tours around knock lock galleries( local manufacturer ) nearby–making it an ideal place both summer and winter vacations alike! Besides these classic pastimes, other activities like biking & trekking courses show off this region’s unique landscape while encouraging those visiting here to get active outdoors? 

What could possibly make this place even more attractive? Well how about taking part in events held throughout the year such as classical music concerts or art exhibitions hosted inside their very own Gallery within the estate grounds?! Yes indeed there’s something always happening here no matter what season – proving once again why Kyleomore House should definitely be added onto your Ireland bucket list if you haven’t already done so already 😉


Frequently Asked Questions

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Located 1 hour drive from Galway city on the N59, 40min drive from Wesport N59. 10 min drive from Letterfrack village.
Kylemore abbey is 5 min drive west on the N59
Connemara national park is 10 min drive west on the N59
Supermarket located 10 min drive west on N59 in Letterfarck village.
Fishing, hillwalking, cycling, scuba diving & snorkelling, swimming , surfing, beaches,
Yes boats available at Kylemore house.
Yes, it works with all plans.
10 min drive west on N59 in Letterfrack village